Planting and Restoration of Greenery, Czech Republic

Organiser - Okrašlovací Spolek Tvrdonice

Project Summary

There are several areas in Tvrdonice that are reserved for greenery. The largest share of greenery belongs to parks and the surrounding area. On May 4th, 2018 new trees (including longevous and fruit trees) were planted. In total 37 new trees. Emphasis was put on planting the original tree species (oak, linden, mulberry, rowan) and considering the native species. There were also trees planted in the walnut alley, the church garden, and other places of the village reserved for greenery.
A wider public was involved in the implementation of the project. The planting was carried out by members of the association with the help of children from the local kindergarten. Children adopted individual trees.
Big thanks belongs to Clean Advantage programme for their financial support, to the Tvrdonice Kindergarten for their cooperation and the other volunteers who helped with this meaningful project.