For every liter of petrol you pump using your fleet payment card, Clean Advantage™ will automatically calculate your tailpipe carbon dioxide equivalent emissions and automatically invest in global projects that will significantly reduce your fleet emissions and go beyond your current efforts. Clean Advantage™ also supports local, green-scape projects such as tree plantings, park cleanups, school projects, and similar sustainability initiatives in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. Together these investments and partner initiatives allow Clean Advantage™ to automatically provide a sustainable solution for companies, employees, and the community.

Environmental Partnership Association is working with Clean Advantage™ to make these carbon offset projects a reality in the Village of Tvrdonice (Czech Republic), Krkonoše National Park (Czech Republic), Várvölgy (Hungary), the Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Greenway (Bielsko-Biała section), and the Banisko Arboretum (Slovakia). Click the links below to learn more about each project.