Urban temperatures are several degrees higher than in the surrounding countryside. Scientists call this effect “heat island”. It is caused by a large concentration of buildings, people and cars, lots of asphalt and concrete surfaces, and not enough greenery or water. With temperatures on the rise, cities, in particular, will experience climatic extremes and their populations might not be ready for this.
Fortunately, LIFE Tree Check is here to help with the transformation and adaptation of our cities. So that we can make them pleasant places to live in all year round. Life Tree Check is LIFE program project of EPA members form Czechia and Hungary alongside with other partners from Poland and Slovakia, that aims to help cities of Central Europe effectively tackle the effects of climate change. We are providing guidance and technology to enhance and increase green infrastructure across participating countries.
A key aspect of the success of this initiative is the preliminary research and analysis of the current state of urban adaptation. In order to provide informed guidance, we focus on strategic approaches to understand the state of the cities, regions and governments at hand. Our initial analysis will take place in eight pilot cities (Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Walbrzych, Budapest, Presov, Kosice) in four participating countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.



Life TreeCheck will guide these cities into enhancing and improving their green infrastructure with a combination of online and offline tools that will allow to provide a customized solution for each city. Our guidance in these project will include, but will not be limited to:


Tree Check App™:

This smart application can recognize specific types of plants and trees on the basis of a simple photograph in your mobile phone. With this information, the app will estimate the tree age and measure how much oxygen it produces, how many degrees it can cool down its surrounding and how much shade is provided by its crown.

The app will include a gamification aspect to it, by allowing users to compete in searching for various normal and rare species of trees or to see who is watering them most!


Tree Check Pro™:

Our electronic online tool to evaluate the benefits of greenery for urban cooling and further help predict the impact of planned investments on a city’s climate. This will make it possible to evaluate the “price-performance” ratio of a project that brings climate improvements to the city. Simply said, it will help better understand the return on investment of these projects.


The TreeCheck Manual: The Tree Check manual will provide an overview of green urban development and further break down what local microclimate is. It will provide different examples of adaptation measures that will offer inspiration for different environments. Simply stated, it will be a primer for anyone who wants to learn how to think in the context of the impacts of climate change on our cities and their development.


Workshops and training:

We will prepare a training cycle and a series of workshops for not only decision makers and those working within urban development but also for the general population.


Our goal

Our main goal with these project is to share everything we discovered with People at all levels of society: from politicians, to public authorities to experts in various fields. We want to offer the most inspiring and innovative approaches across Europe and link them to those at the forefront of adaptation.


Who is behind it

Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation
Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation
Czech Globe: Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Aacademy of Science
Ekotoxa: Centre for environment and land assessment
Carpathian Development Institute Slovakia
Lemitor: Environmental protection Poland
Safe Trees: Arborist specialists
To learn more about the development and details of this project please visit its website here: