Promotion of Sustainable Mobility and Urban Development

We promote sustainable development in urban areas through both integrated urban planning and eco design, as well as through corporate institutional planning for mobility and working environment of their employees. By means of excellent urban planning promotion and training, urban, corporate and school mobility plans promotion and implementation, and Greenway contribute to Trans-European Transportation Network (TEN-T) development. ...more

Climate Change Education

We raise awareness about top-modern technologies and advanced procedures and promote their practical use to combat climate change. We promote, communicate and train using the life story book of the Czech Open Garden. Throug organizing water workshops and contest for university students’ we promote the smart and sustainable water using topic. ...more

Promotion of Natural capital and biodiversity protection

We raise awareness about biodiversity and motivate population to include practical action on natural capital and biodiversity protection in their day to day lives. Use the mix of the pan-European contest European Tree of the Year, active participation at the European Green Belt conferences and support of community initiated green spaces, development and empowerment of Green entrepreneurship. ...more

Our LIFE project EPA activities and work in are supported by the European Commission, Directorates General, Environment and Climate Action Programme