News: The Hungarian Almond Tree of the Snowy Hill in Pécs was crowned 2019 European Tree of the Year

Last March, over 200 followers attended the European Tree of the Year Award Ceremony in the European Parliament to discover the 2019 winners of the contest.
The Hungarian Almond Tree of The Snowy Hill in Pecs won the title of the 2019 European Tree of the Year with over 45,000 votes. The Russian Abramtsevo Oak came in second (39, 538 votes), followed by the Portuguese Secular Holm Oak from Monte Barbeiro (32,630 votes).

The Almond Tree (or Prunus Dulcis) of the Snowy Hills in Pecs, Hungary has been a symbol of eternal renewal and literacy at the country seat of Baranya. For 135 years, the almond tree in front of the Snowy Church has been thriving with flowers and visitors to Pécs and has witnessed the rise and fall of several generations of Hungarians. The tree was nominated by the Jurassic Nature and Tour Club and supported by the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Association. This is the fourth time Hungary wins the title of the tree with the most interesting stories in the nine-year history of the contest.

This year’s Award Ceremony was hosted by Pavel Poc MEP with a keynote speech from Anne Burril, the Director of Natural Capital for DG Environment in the European Commission. The event was chaired by Ladislav Miko and Natalie Pauwels.

" Man has worshiped trees since the beginning of time. With this contest, we continue to celebrate trees that not only help us to compensate for our CO2 production, but are also a symbol of sustainable and emotional relationship between humans and nature."                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                   Pavel Poc, MEP

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"The European Tree Award is an event that acknowledges and celebrates directly the value of certain specific trees. We are here to hear stories that come from across Europe. Each story is different, but they come together and unite us, as testimonies of how trees have touch the life of all of us and how they bring us a real intense personal value"
                                                                  Anne Burril, the Director of Natural Capital in the European Commission

Following the practice established two years ago to make the contest more even, we gave every participants two votes. Over 150,00 votes which gives us over 300,000 votes received from all over Europe.
The final results 2019

1.     The Almond Tree of the Snowy Hill in Pécs, Hungary
2.     The Abramtsevo Oak, Russia
3.     Secular Holm Oak From Monte Barbeiro, Portugal
4.     The Bird-Tree, France
5.     Lime tree of Liberty, Czech Republic
6.     Kneeling Tree, Poland
7.     The Pet-Oak, The Netherlands
8.     The Guardian of Great Moravia’s Secrets, Slovakia
9.     Nellie’s Tree, United Kingdom
10.    The Our Lady Tree of Lummen, Belgium
11.    Gubec linden, Republic of Croatia
12.    Elm of Navajas, Spain
13.    The towering plane of Campeni, Romania
14.    The venerable Turkey oak near Rani lug village, Bulgaria
15.    Raudonė Castle Lime, Lithuania

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