News: International seminar WATER IN THE CITY

Let us invite you to the international seminar on the "water" topic which will be held on 3th and 4th November 2015 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
On behalf of the Bratislava – the Capital city of the Slovak Republic, the Environmental Partnership Association and the Ekopolis Foundation, we would like to invite you to the international seminar.


The seminar will be held on 3th and 4th November 2015 in the Primate‘s Palace in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

Presentations will be focused on strategies, policies and successful measures for efficient water management in connection with adaptation of the negative effects of the climate change in cities. Participants will learn practical information on retention and detention of rainwater and solutions for car parks.

The seminar is for people, who have responsibilities to make decisions about the urban landscaperepresentatives of local governments, officials, experts in urban planning, architecture, nature and water protection and students in these areas.


3th November 2015
  • 8.30–9.00: Registration
  • 9.00–9.30: Welcome speech by Inga Magistad, Norwegian Ambassador in Slovakia, representative of the City of Bratislava, Peter Medved, director of the Ekopolis Foundation and the main architect of the City of Bratislava Ing. arch Ingrid Konrad
  • 9.30–13.00: 1st block – Presentation of topics: adaptation, water, strategic tools
    • 9:30–9.45: Representative of the French Embassy in Slovakia: Climate change and adaptation to adverse impacts of climate change
    • 9.45–10.05: Pavel Stastny, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute: Consequences of the climate change in cities of Slovakia and brief presentation of the project Muklimo
    • 10.05–10.25: Andrej Steiner, Carpathian Development Institute: A systematic approach to the adaptation process in the city - what are the possibilities
    • 10.25–10.45: Milan Drábik, Slovak National Committee of Chemistry for IUPAC at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius University in Bratislava: education of young people on water - "Water - a chemical solution" response IUPAC worldwide project of the International Year of Chemistry in Slovakia
    • 10.45–11.15: COFFEE BREAK
    • 11.15–11.45: Marek Sokáč, Faculty of Civil Engineering in Bratislava: Management of rainwater in towns: causes of problems, assumptions, strategies
    • 11.45–12.15: Lubos Jurik, Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering, SUA in Nitra: Sustainable water management in settlements - the situation and solutions
    • 12.15–12.35: Milan Poliak, Ekodren / ELWA: Practical experience with management of rainwater in Slovakia, example solutions in Ivanka (Danube)
    • 12.35–13:00: Moderated discussion
    • 13.00–14.00: LUNCH BREAK
  • 14.00–16.00: 2nd block – Site visits to places with existing issues and to places of good practice for adaptation measures (Bratislava)   accompanied by: Milan Poliak, Ekodren / ELWA and Zuzana Hudeková, City of Bratislava:
    • The combined school at Tilgnerova (Bratislava) - green roof, absorption of rainwater
    • Example of rainwater solutions in Ivanka village on the Danube - drainage
    • if time allows: Freedom square in Bratislava - location for future action in public space
  • 17.00–18.30 - a side event: Meeting of the association of professionals involved in the response to climate change in urban environment (for members of the association), ARCHA, Uršulínska 6, 814 99 Bratislava 1

4th November 2015  

8.30–9.00: Registration

  • ​9.00–13.00: 3rd block – Presentations on topics of specific measures for sustainable water management in cities
  • 9:00–9.40: David Stransky, Czech Technical University in Prague: Examples of sustainable management of rainwater in residential areas in the Czech Republic
  • 9.40–10.10: Zuzana Hudeková, the capital city of Bratislava: Presentation of pilot measures under Project "Bratislava is preparing for climate change" in the management of rainwater
  • 10.10–10.55: Jan Sponar, Office of the city of New Liskovec - Brno: Experiences in building of retention basins on the housing estate
  • 10.55–11.25: COFFEE BREAK
  • 11.25–11.45: Miriam Húšťavová, City of Trnava: From strategy to implementation of measures for adaptation of urban landscape in Trnava
  • 11.45–12.05: Ivana Bruchterová, Environmental Partnership Foundation: water management in an office building on the example of the Open Gardens complex in Brno
  • 12.05–13:00: Moderated discussion "The call of conference participants" to support good measures for water management in towns and villages in Slovakia”

Participation is free. Language: Slovak (simultaneous interpretation from/into English)

If you are interested in participation at the seminar, please register. Deadline for registration is 29th
October 2015.