News: Czech cities prepare for the risks associated with climate change

Three discussion round tables over the topic of adaptation to climate change took place in three Czech cities Prague, Pilsen and Brno in April 2015.

The discussion was led by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, the member of Environmental Partnership Association, and was open to representatives of cities, NGOs, research institutions, professionals and other relevant stakeholders.

Heat waves, increase of urban heat islands, drought, extreme downpours - the cities and their populations are to all these negative impacts of climate change very vulnerable. Although it is not possible to avoid to the changes completely, it is feasible, and necessary, to mitigate them. The cities are able to prepare and adapt to the climate change if they start implementing the strategy of climate adaptation. The process development of these strategies is exactly the aim the project UrbanAdapt, which is coordinated by CzechGlobe, Global Change Research Centre and partnered by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation.  

The round tables were attended by more than 30 people in each city. Participants discussed the current problems of the city related to climate change and all together defined strategic vision and future goals of 2030 the city should follow. The problems of urban heat islands, especially in the city centres, the lack of green areas and lack of rainwater management have all three cities in common. In the second part of the programme the adaptation measures based on ecosystem approach were introduced and the relevancy of the measures for each city was discussed in the session group.  

The activities of project UrbanAdapt will continue in the evaluation of relevant adaptation measures and development of the integrated strategy for Prague, Pilsen and Brno. In autumn 2015 the participants will be invited to round tables again in order to express their opinion on the practical application of the strategy and measures. This process activity will hopefully engage cities in taking action and step forward to adapt to climate change.