News: EPA at the Greenweek in Brussels

We participated at the exhibition of the Green Week Conference in Brussels on 3.-5. June 2014.
EPA presented projects empowering local businesses and individuals to use local and renewable resources.

The 2014 edition of Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, took place from 3 to 5 June at The Egg Conference Centre, Rue Bara, in Brussels.

The theme was Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency & Waste.

A circular economy is the logical solution for a resource-constrained world. It's a place where almost nothing is wasted, where the re-use and remanufacturing of products has become standard practice, and where sustainability is built into the fabric of society. In 2014 the Commission will set out new proposals enabling Europe to unlock the potential of the circular economy, underlining the need to change our way of thinking about design. There will also be a focus on better waste management, and on how it can help the EU use its resources more efficiently.