News: City Bikesharing Seminar - Learning From Oslo

Bikesharing has been very popular in most west-European cities. Still, the system used in the Norwegian capital ranks among the most popular of all.
On September 24, Nadace Partnerství, the largest environmental foundation in the Czech Republic, organized a seminar on the topic of city bike sharing. The seminar, held in the foundation´s seat in Brno, was led by Morten Kerr, the city of Oslo representative and a long-time proponent of the bakesharing concept. 

The event was attended by general public as well as representatives of the cities of Brno, Czech Republic, and Zilina, Slovakia, alike. 

Experience sharing was the key goal of the event. Besides introducing the major pillars of the Oslo bikesharing concept, the seminar focused on the reasons of its economic self-sufficiency and stressed its benefits for the whole community. Therefore, the Oslo concept was found to be very inspiring for other cities.

The Conference in Prague and workshop in Brno were a part of the Fund for NGOs funded by the EEA Grants 2009-2014, by which the donor states, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, contribute to the elimination of economic and social inequalities in the European Economic Area.