Our mission is to spread the sustainable living ideas.
We are a proud organizer and supporter of the Tree of the Year Awards all around the world. Photo by ELO
We involve people in projects that help protect the environment.

Who are we

EPA is a consortium of six foundations from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia supporting community based projects whose goal is to protect the environment and support local communities and society. Over 20 years of its existence, the EPA has supported by foundation contributions in total more than 25 million Euros.

Miroslav Kundrata, CEO Czech Environmental Partnership
Thierry de l’Escaille, Secretary General of the European Landowners’ Organization
Janez Potočnik, former Commissioner for the Environment, European Commission
László Potozky, CEO Romanian Environmental Partnership
Veronika Mora, CEO Hungarian Environmental Partnership

People of EPA and our supporters

Our Association has nearly a hundred sustainable development and grant management experts, supporters and kind partners in seven European countries.

We work on international project all around Europe.
We involve politicans in sustainable development project.
We spread the idea of Tree of the Year around the world.
We support the development of European Greenways.

What we do

EPA is focused on supporting environmental and social projects of NGOs, promoting democracy, human rights and gender equality, strengthening the capacity of NGOs as well as specific needs of minority groups.

News: Portuguese Whistler Cork Oak Tree crowned 2018 European Tree of the Year

Over 200 participants attended the annual Award Ceremony in European Parliament to hear the results of the 2018 European Tree of the Year contest.

MOVECIT project

We are partner of international project that aims to make transport more sustainable.

Environmental Policies end the EU Funding Experts

We are a leading environmental organization well-oriented in EU environmental policies and funding opportunities.

Grantmaking Proffesionals

Our association is one of the largest European Organizations specialized in grantmaking for sustainable development since the 90s.